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Janmasthmi which is celebrated on the eve of Lord Krishna’s Birth. His life was a mix of tragedies and joy and for which his birthday is known as Krishna Janmasthmi; Janmasthmi. Let us know about his life followed by Krishna Gayatri Mantra.

Krishna Janmasthmi date: 15th August 2017.


Krishna Janmashtami  ( कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी ) also known as Janmasthmi. It’s a Hindu Festive celebrated annually on the occasion of the birth of the Lord Krishna, the Eighth Avatar of Vishnu.

krsihna mantra

It is observed according to Hindu calendar, on the eighth day formally called as Ashtami, of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the month of Bhadrapada. Which usually falls or overlaps in the month of August or September. It is particularly important for the Vaishnavism of the Hinduism Dance-drama enactments of the life of Krishna according to the Bhagavata Geeta (such as Rasa lila or Krishna Lila), devotional singing through the midnight when Krishna is believed to have been born, fasting (upavasa), a night vigil (jagarana), and a festival (mahotsava) on the following day are a part of the Janmashtami celebrations. It is celebrated in the most part of the country India; particularly in Mathura and Brindavan, along with major Vaishnava communities found in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Assam, West Bengal, Odisha, Manipur, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and other regions too.


 Significance Of Krishna

krishna radha

Krishna also known for Nandlala, Govinda, Gopal, Hari, Kanha and many more. Krishna was the son of Devaki and Vashudeva and whose birthday (janmdin) is celebrated by Hindus as Janmasthmi, specially the Vaishnavism people, as they regard him as the Eighth Avatar of Vishnu. It is celebrated at the time when Krishna was born as according to the Hindu tradition, at the Midnight of the Eighth Day of Bhadrapada month in Mathura. Krishna was born in the Era of Chaos, where nobody has full freedom, evil was everywhere, and when his life was in threat by his King Uncle Kansha, his father Vashudeva took him across to Yamuna Bank to his foster parents, Yashoda Maa and Nanda in Gokul. The Day is celebrated on Janmashthmi by people keeping fast, singing devotional music of love for Krishna and keeing vigil (jagrana) into the night. Statues of Krishna are washed and clothed, then placed in a cradle as after the Krishn’s midnight  hour of birth. The Devotees break their fast, by sharing sweets and food stuffs. Women draws tiny steps of lord Krishna in the door steps of the home and kitchen, walking towards their house, which symbolize the journey of Lord Krishna into their Homes.



Celebrating matki phod

It is usually kept by Hindus by fasting, praying together, preparing and sharing special sweets and food, night vigils and visiting Krishna or Vishnu temples. Many communities organize dance-drama events called Rasa Lila or Krishna Lila, the tradition of Rasa Lila is particularly popular in Mathura region, in north-eastern states of India such as Assam and Manipur, and in parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Usually recitation are performed taken from Bhagwat Geeta and Bhagwat Purana. The drama is started prior from the Eve of Janmasthmi and many other people also take part in this Drama, dance and other programs held.


Krishna Gayatri Mantra

Krishna is one of the most popular God amongst the Hindu Religion. Shri Krishna is the very embodiment of love and divine ecstasy that destroys all pain and offense. Lord Krishna took birth over five thousand years ago in Mathura, India to Devaki (Sister of Cruel Demon-King Kansa) and Vasudeva in the prison cell of the tyrant Kansa, as he killed Devaki’s first six children. word “”Krishna”” means “the one who attracts all”, so Krishna is that God who represents all the bliss; Ananda in whole world. And he loves playing flute. He is an embodiment of spiritual joy. When he is invoked as Krishna, the devotees are blessed by his knowledge and joy. He enjoys the dance; Ras-Lila with Gopis. Usually the Ras-Lila is performed in Autumn season under full moon night at midnight, enjoys by palying his flute. Krishna had more than 16000 wives and the Supreme Gopi was Srimati Radharani who is an object of Krishna’s highest devotion.


Krishna Gayatri Mantra:



Om Dhamodaraya Vidmahe
Rukmani Vallabhay Dhimahi

Tanno Krishnah Prachodayat.


Meaning of Mantra:

Om, Let me meditate on the god whose belly was tied by a rope, Oh, consort of Rukhmani, give me higher intellect, And let God Krishna illuminate my mind.


Download The Krishna Gayatri Mantra:


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